Dorothy Bury Shaw
Artful Renderings


Born and raised in Chicago, Dorothy Bury Shaw studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Art and began her art career as a freelance editorial illustrator.  She now resides in the western Chicago suburbs.

"The concepts for the images I create develop thoughtfully, from the inside out with unabashed use of symbolism. Often, my creative sessions begin with meditation as I sit in silence.  I must bring the whole of my being to my art. A powerful energy emerges as my drawing progresses, which I expand with color. Often I write a poem or narrative as part of this process.  While I am drawing or painting, it is very much like praying. My intent is to uncover what is hidden and bring it to light where healing happens.

Whether we laugh, cry, dream or go deeply within we each bring our stories with us as we look upon a work of art.  My renderings seek to takes us closer to full realization of how wondrous, powerful and delightfully simple we are behind it all." 


                                          ~Dorothy Bury Shaw

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